File Operations in Java

File Operations in Java
File operations plays an important role in java, Reading a file, renaming, deleting etc. In this article we are going to see some file operations,

  • Creating a file
  • Writing a content into that file
  • Reading the content from the file

Before we proceed to the coding, it is important for us to get familiar regarding some Input/Output methods

File – Used to create an object for file
FileReader – Used to read characters
BufferedReader – Enhances the filereader by reading a more data and storing it in buffer
FileWriter – Write characters to a file
BufferedWriter – Enhances filewriter by writing more data
PrintWriter – used for enhancement and has other methods than bufferedwriter

Please note that,

File file = new File(“notes.txt”); –> This does not create a new File, This just creates an object


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Search and Replace Content inside a File

Search and Replace Content inside a File
Today, We are going to see how to search a file for specific content and replace the content and write to a new File.

Let us create a text document with some content in it


Now we are going to write a code to change “File 1” into “File 2”, The content will be

“Sample Content in File 2”

Once the code is executed, File2.txt will get created and content will be,



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