Spring Boot + Hibernate CRUD Example

Spring Boot + Hibernate CRUD Example

Let us see an example of spring boot + hibernate integration example with Crud (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations.

In the below example we are going to use Spring jpa and CrudRepository.

Annotations used in the below example:

@EnableJpaRepositories: Used to enable JPA repositories.
@EnableTransactionManagement:  Used for enabling transaction management, similar to <tx>.

Crud Repository:
In the below example, we have used crud repository, let us understand about this repository. The CrudRepository provides CRUD functionality for the Entity class. It has in-build functions for performing CRUD operations which allow us to write less code and use the functions directly from this repository.

Now let us see an example of CRUD operations with Spring Boot and Hibernate. (You can Download the Code Here)








 Saving Employee – First Record

Saving Employee – Second Record

Get all Employees – To List Entered Both Records

Get By Id:

Updating Record

After Update Getting By Id:

Deleting a Record:


After Deleting a Record

You can Download the Code Here – Please modify the database properties.


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