Maven – Configuring Dependencies

Maven – Configuring Dependencies:
When we create a maven project, By default pom.xml will be generated.


Model Version:
Model Version is the version of POM model

Artifact Id:
Contains the name of the project which we create

Group Id:
GroupId is an unique id for the project.

Version is the version number of the project. A project might have multiple releases, So the version number indicates the version release of the project

Type of project packaging.

Now let us include a dependency inside the project, We can get the dependencies here – Maven Repository

Let us include Spring context dependency and check for the dependency download.
Let us include this dependency inside POM.xml

Before we include this dependency, The dependency should be enclosed between <dependencies> tag.

When we right click the project and select “build with dependencies”, the jars are downloaded with the help of these dependencies.



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