Geolocation in HTML

Geolocation in HTML – getCurrentPosition()

What is Geolocation?
Geolocation is used to retrieve the geographical location of a user

Example of Geolocation:
The most basic usage of geolocation is implemented in Maps, using GPS – Gets the current user location and show the route to reach the destination

Geolocation Methods:
There are 2 methods provided by geolocation to determine user’s location,

  • getCurrentPosition()
  • watchPosition()

This method is used to retrieve the current geographical location of a user.

getCurrentPosition(callbackFunction, ErrorHandler, Options)

callbackFunction – Function to retrieve current location
ErrorHandler – Function called when error occurs
Options – Optional parameters to set options

The getCurrentPosition() method calls callbackFunction, which takes the position as an Object argument. The position object returns 2 properties – coords and timestamp

The coords property has various attributes,

coords.latitude – specifies latitude
coords.longitude – specifies longitude
coords.accuracy – accuracy of position
coords.altitude – altitude level
coords.altitudeAccuracy – accuracy of altitude




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