ManyToMany Mapping in Hibernate using Annotations

ManyToMany Mapping in Hibernate using Annotations
In our previous examples we have seen OneToOne and OneToMany mappings. In this article let us see how to implement ManyToMany annotation in Hibernate using Annotations.

Let us understand how ManyToMany mapping works. For example, let us consider 2 entities – Employee and Address. An employee can have more than one address let us assume permanent and temporary address, Same way more than one employee would have stayed in the temporary address. This scenario shows Employee can have more than one address and an address can have more than one employee. This is ManyToMany mapping.


This is a simple example, From the diagram we can understand that an employee 1 has more than one address associated with him, same way temporary address has more than one employee associated with it. This is known as ManyToMany mapping.

Now let us see an example.




From the output,
Employee_Mapping table saves both the employee records


Address_Mapping table saves both the addresses


Employee_Mapping_Address_Mapping has the employee ID mapped to the corresponding address
we can see that employee with id: 1 is mapped with address ID 1 and 2

Same way here the address 1 is mapped to both Employee’s with ID 1 and 2




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